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In this way, we can help the child to develop automatic standing so that while standing the attention can be directed to another activity.

* It is important to emphasize that a therapist should accompany the process in order to help the child develop good posture and ensure that an adaptive standing is being developed without any ab-normal postures.

Balloon blast game of Timocco particularlarly suitable for this purpose, since it requires the child to move laterally (right / left) at a certain height, which can be controlled by the therapist.

That is, the game encourages the child to cut one (can you say that?

Ability to involve hands movement or engage in intellectual / playful / social activity while standing or walking is a significant challenge in the lives of these children.

The advantage of virtual reality in this therapeutic context lies in the high involvement of the child in the game and the fact that he absorbed in the game and sometimes “forgets” about the disability.

This challenge meets the children every day in a variety of activities.

Later we will increase the number of balloons and increase difficulty level, and make the balloons swift by the wind so the child will be required to match his legs movements to the changing location of the balloons.

Sometimes the goal will not be working directly with the legs but improving dual tasking ability while standing.

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