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Und sie waren nie verantwortlich für die Aufrechterhaltung eines Stammes oder einer Bevölkerungsgruppe. Die grandiose Frauensolidarität ist ein ideologisches Märchen von Feministinnen, erfunden um dadurch große Massen für sich zu vereinnahmen und so (Staats-)Kohle in die eigenen Kassen zu spülen. Nicht-Äußerungen von Politikerinnen und Feministinnen zu den Sexattacken, Ekelbegrabschungen und Gruppenvergewaltigungen Silvester Köln 2015 durch kriminelle Moslems konstatieren dürfen.

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In the same month, Kago was rushed to a nearby hospital after agency officials found her on the floor of her apartment with cuts to her wrists.

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It asks questions related to demographic profile, taste related to music, sports and fitness, cuisine etc. While a monthly access pass is for Rs 250, quarterly and annual pass costs are Rs 550 and Rs 1500 respectively. It also ensures another way of monetisation for the app promoters. First, there is no privacy since you can message anyone.

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Why can’t you tell him you love it when a man goes down on you? Or that you want to try that position you saw on a porn site?

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The reason for this distinction is that bits of information such as names, although they may not be sufficient by themselves to make an identification, may later be combined with other information to identify persons and expose them to harm.