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They can also be defined as basic standards of treatment to which all people are entitled, regardless of nationality, gender, race, economic status or religion.

Human rights represent claims which individuals or groups make on the society.

At the state level, similar functions are entrusted to State Commissions[5].

The Act had a vowed objective of establishment of Human Rights Court at district level, apart from establishing Human Rights Commissions at the national and state level[6].

This Act was passed in the year 1993 with a view to provide for a constitution of a National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Courts for better protection of human rights and for matters concerned therein.

It lays down provisions for constitution of National Human Rights Commission, appointment of its chairperson and other members, removal of the members of the Commission, term of office of members, terms and conditions of service of members, procedure to be regulated by the Commission, officers and other staff, functions and powers of the Commission and the method to be followed in case of a complaint.

Chapter VI of the Act deals with the Human Rights Courts.

It also states that for every Human Rights Court, the State Government shall, by notification, specify a Public Prosecutor or appoint an advocate who has been in practice as an advocate for not less than seven years, as a Special Public Prosecutor for the purpose of conducting cases in that Court[7].

The National Commission is empowered to inquire into and investigate complaints of human rights violations and recommend appropriate relief measures to the Government.

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They also include right to freedom from torture, the right to life, freedom from inhuman treatment, slavery, forced labour, the right of liberty and security, freedom of movement and right of residence, right to fair trial, right to privacy, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of opinion and expression, right to marry and form a family, right to participate in ones government either directly or indirectly or through freely elected representatives, the right to nationality and equality before law[3].

Human rights as defined in the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 "human rights" means the rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution or embodied in the International Covenants and enforceable by courts in India[4].

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