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The foundation's website says it advocates for LGBTQ inclusion and can provide materials for teachers to share.

AISD says teachers at a few dozen schools do participate in the program but that's where it ends.

The catalyst, he said, was the shooting death of an unarmed teen in Missouri by an officer who went uncharged. “It’s ‘when.’” In Texas, that someday is well on its way.

Fort Worth police began wearing body cameras three years ago and already have more than 600, the second-most cameras of any force in the nation. Impressed with a successful 100-camera pilot program, Chief Mc Clelland announced in August that he was seeking million with which to equip 3,500 Houston officers with body cameras over the next three years.

A flyer making the rounds on social media says students as young as 4-years-old are being taught sex ed, in some cases without their parents' knowledge.

Caryl Ayala is a co-founder of Concerned Parents of Austin.

The Knight who does the falsetto held a more reticent, banter-less stance, while still sparking with thrusty, winky star power when he took the frontman post.

The year is young yet, but I’ve already seen things. I’ve seen Jordan Knight grab his right stuff while rockets and cucumbers flew across the screen behind him.

I’ve seen him bounce his pecs on a live “Quick Change Cam.” I’ve seen Joey Mc Intire throw up double hook ’em horns while wearing a University of Texas jersey, and I’ve seen his neck veins bulge to push out Broadway notes. I’ve seen Jonathan Knight turn, inexplicably, into Marcus Mumford. But I have seen him — pumped up and hanging tough in a Chesneyan cowboy hat, one of many chapeaus — croon atop a flaming piano.

Video of any encounter subject to an investigation—such as in the case of deadly force—couldn’t be released to the public until the investigation is finished.

Most interestingly, police officers would be entitled to view all video of an incident before making an official statement about it.

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