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But Walt Disney was a guy who got a whole lot of things right.What did this guy understand about the human psyche?He wanted his films to make people feel deeply, yet he often buried his own emotions.Aspiring to create great artistic films, he felt he wasn’t taken seriously by the movie industry and was stung when critics panned his productions., there's a line when "Man is in the forest," there was danger. We'd hear Walt coughing coming down the hall, and one of the guys would say, "Man is in the forest." And we'd all get ready for Walt. Richard Sherman, Songwriter: There was no joking around.Rolly Crump, Imagineer: He walked through the door and, you know, pins would drop. He would sit down, he'd say, "Okay, guys, what you got?

Tom Sito, Animator: It was an exciting and very dynamic medium. There was no regulations, or no customs, or no conformity.

A polarizing figure — though true believers vastly outnumber his critics — Disney’s achievements are indisputable. Disneyland Broadcast Services The Disney Photo Library Don Lusk F. Library of Congress Los Angeles Public Library Mel Birnkrant Collection The Museum of Modern Art National Archives and Records Administration NBCUniversal Archives Oakland Museum of California Oddball Film Video Oregon Historical Society Oviatt Library, California State University, Northridge Prelinger Collection/Getty Images Providence Archives, Seattle Quigley Publishing Company, a division of QP Media, Inc. T3Media Tom Sito Tommy José Stathes/Cartoons on Film The Walt Disney Archives Walt Disney Family Foundation Film Archivist The Walt Disney Hometown Museum The WPA Film Library UCLA Film & Television Archive Archival Film Transfer Colorlab Foto Kem Modern Video Film Motion Picture Transfer Special Thanks Barbara Babbitt Dave Bossert Michael Buckhoff Becky Cline Noah Dephoure Roy P.

He created one of the most beloved cartoon characters in history, Mickey Mouse; conceived the first-ever feature-length animated film, ; pioneered the integration of media and marketing with thousands of branded products; and conceived Disneyland, the world’s first theme park and a three-dimensional realization of his own utopian universe. Disney Matthew Dobrowski Didier Ghez Howard Green Don Hahn Jesse Haskell Kirsten Komoroske Todd Pierce Paula Potter Theodore Thomas Tommy José Stathes Rob and Katie Sykes Jayson Wall Scott Zone Post Production Supervisor Vanessa Ruiz Editor Glenn Fukushima Senior Producer, Digital Content and Strategy Molly Jacobs Production Assistant, Digital Media Katharine Duffy Production Manager Nancy Sherman Contracts & Rights Manager Susana Fernandes Production Coordinator Lauren Noyes Production Secretary Julianna Newmeyer Legal Jay Fialkov Janice Flood Scott Kardel Marketing Account Manager Chika Offurum Publicity Mary Lugo Cara White Series Designer Colin Mahoney Additional Design Sawyer Studios Title Graphics Elias Mallette Post Production Spencer Gentry John Jenkins Paul Sanni Series Theme Joel Goodman Coordinating Producer Susan Mottau Series Producers Susan Bellows Lauren Prestileo Managing Director James E.

From , Disney’s movies grew out of his own life experiences.

He told stories of outsiders struggling for acceptance and belonging, while questioning the conventions of class and authority.

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It was wide open to what people wanted to make of it. His only formal training was a few months at an art school in Chicago, and a course at the Kansas City Art Institute, but he was convinced he could make better than what he was seeing.

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