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My grandmom basically bought the car, drove it to Carolina when she moved there from Marin, and then gave it to me. And sometimes it would stall if you had to brake through a left hand turn. – I talked it up so big yesterday, I had to include a link to Brett’s most awesomest pod ever today. Current TV hosts Crystal Fambrini, Nzinga Blake, Jael De Pardo, and Angela Sun arrive at the North American premiere of AMERICAN VISA during AFI FEST 2006 presented by Audi, November 8. (I walked down the red carpet at the Serenity premiere and was blinded by flashbulbs.

I drove it between school and DC a couple times, and then I drove it out here. We bought it used, but the dude who owned it was a car detailer, so it looked brand-spanking new. The freeway on-ramp we use is a downhill left hand turn… (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)Current folks have been out and about at AFIFEST since the beginning - was it only just eight short days ago? I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to take a picture of me.

When it turned out I got the job, I buckled down and watched two full seasons in three weeks, so that I would be able to attend the season three premiere party, attended by pretty much the entire OS team.

(There was actually a COMPETING party, so the group was somewhat splintered.)In my time here (six weeks and counting) I’ve learned a lot about the way my co-workers think, but even more about how much they love BSG. It bleeds over into marketing and programming and the Yahoo! There are newbies – people trying to get through S1 and S2 DVDs so that they can participate in our conversations – and there are the hardcore fans among us who occasionally end our meetings with a hearty “so say we all!

A few weeks ago, we got a feedback email from a guy named Michael which said, “You are the only thing worth watching on TV... save for Battlestar Galactica.” Never was there a feedback email more appropriate to inspire a blog entry about the Online Studio team.

Then again, I didn’t really watch TV til I was 20, and now I work at a TV station.

Maybe 10 years from now, I’ll be a camera-phone videographer too!

We spent the time shooting evergreen pieces – we wanted to build up a pipeline, but it had to be stuff that was non-time-sensitive: nothing that would be old news by the time we aired it this fall. He had always wanted to do a cross-country bike trip.

Now that he was moving cross-country, why not combine the two, and ride his bike there?!

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There are 2 games that have been distracting the Buzzards lately. He did the bridge jumping piece, and the white dudes dunking piece. Anyway, today he was playing this game – I think its called orbit.

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