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All cities come with advantages that, in any case, prove them to be the better alternative to the city you are currently stuck in.I am discussing the advantages meaning things were by no means as rigid as they were in Russia.

On top of that, Budapest even has its very own low-cost airline.

This being said, Kiev is also one of the best cities for single men to travel to and live in. The most striking aspect abbout living in Kiev are the prices.

If you put aside renting apartments long-term and staying at hotels in Kiev then Ukraine’s capital that all in all is larger than Chicago has some of the lowest costs of living of all major European cities.

Uanable to find a restaurant I was about to give up and walk back to the center when I came by the Admiral for the second time.

I approached him in English, making a hand-gesture as if to say: “Don’t give me your spiel, I just need to ask you something”.

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While you will see lots of the obnoxious beer ride things (whatever these things are called officially) in Budapest like on the picture below, Budapest is (not yet) a stag-party haven like Riga or maybe even Prague.

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