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4) 1885 A Hazelton, Pennsylvania High School School hazing Gauntlet Newspapers across the country reported that the son of Edward Turnbach died of injuries from a beating administered by fellow students on September 19.The boy had to run between two lines of boys that struck him as he went by.Early stage Early stages Early testing stage for new software or hardware Early version of Latin 11Elected fraud?Two leaders quit establishment Eos' domain Faith healer's directive Fall's opposite False ___Feasible job for stylist beginning Final phase, in which top mark is obtained First Greek letter First home international to divide most of country First letter First light First of a series First sign First to mark as read, perhaps First-class letter from Athens From Genesis Get cracking Get going Get out of bed Get promoted Get the ball rolling Get up Get-go Go up Good news on Wall Street Graph spot Greek leader Greek leader? " (cry in court)"All ___""First in Latin, almost", I swaggered"Go" square in Monopoly, (0,0) on a graph*Beginning AA as in Archimedes A as in Athens A for Aristophanes!A Greek starter Acceptable to apply oneself in the beginning Acclivity All the clues in this puz Ancestry Angry reaction Appear on the scene Approve, in a way Arise Ascend Ascent Assault at filming location Attack Attain success Be part of the opening li Be upwardly mobile?This would be repeated over and over right up to the present day.8) 1899 Lawrenceville, New Jersey High School hazing (Details sketchy. Bergen, of this place, died from injuries received at a hazing at Lawrenceville. Young Bergen was twelve years old and a freshman at Lawrenceville.

The death is described in Hazing by Hank Nuwer (2018).

Hank Nuwer, Pulliam School of Journalism, Franklin College, Franklin, IN 46131 Franklin Seminary (Kentucky) Class Hazing John Butler Groves died in a hazing incident, according to a family history.

2) 1847 Amherst College (Massachusetts) Class Hazing Jonathan D.

Because Berkeley’s wife was in very poor health, the news was kept from her for quite some time.

Like Leggett, courts at the time almost always considered only harsh physical hazing to actually BE hazing.

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