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Then there’s Carolyne from the first series whose childhood sweetheart left her when she became paralysed following a spinal cord lesion. I feel , “It provides a lot of education on a wide range of things, not just conditions…The fact that people will tune in knowing they will learn a bit more, maybe take away the stigma, is a very positive thing.And, as viewers will know, during the opening sequence of each episode, the prefix clearly falls from the word dateables, thus indicating the contrary.The show itself is proof that no one is undateable, an eye opener to many viewers who might have previously thought otherwise.

Why must the disabled community be confined to a show exclusively for them?We all know from having watched the show what a lovely guy he comes across as, which is mainly why we perceive him as being so attractive.But if we knew nothing about him, and simply passed him in a bar, or down the street, would we think twice about wanting to date him? This was the first time I had dated since my accident and I'm feeling really positive. For those who are unfamiliar, individuals with any disability are invited to appear on the show, now in its sixth season.With the help of dating agencies and personal introduction services, they take part in blind dates, speed dating and match-making in the hope of finding love.

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Speaking to hen you're going down the street I think a lot of people see the disability first and they're not necessarily seeing me as someone who's dating material.

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